About Mot Mot Mind

  • Mot Mot Mind is a dynamic startup powered by Sattvalabs Innovations Inc., committed to elevating wellbeing and inspiring personal growth through innovative products and mindful practices. We're a passionate team of innovators, dreamers, and well-being enthusiasts, driven by the belief that everyone deserves to live a happier and healthier life.

How can we make wellbeing accessible and empowering for everyone?

Solution: We're here to make wellbeing a regular conversation. Our planner is designed with you in mind, so you can prioritize self-care and personal growth without breaking the bank.

Why is resilience essential for well-being, and how can we nurture it?

Solution: Resilience is your superpower for navigating life's ups and downs. The Planner intends to help you to hone and build your strengths as you navigate through life.






- Centricity


We've blended innovation with simplicity to create tools that are both fun and effective which is why our approach infuses a dash of positivity into daily life. We firmly believe that individual wellbeing is the cornerstone of a healthier world. Here’s how we plan to contribute to creating a happier, healthier global community:

Our Mission

"At Mot Mot Mind, we are on a mission to craft innovative well-being products that elevate self-care, mindfulness, and inspire personal growth. Our core commitment is to make wellbeing accessible to all, nurturing resilience and manifesting a happier and healthier global community."

Our Vision

"Creating a world where wellbeing is a way of life - fostering happiness and resilience in every individual."

Meet Our Team

  • Vaibhav Belgaonkar


    "By practice, I am a product designer, but when I am not moving pixels and creating LowFi's, I press the Crlt+Alt+WellBeing shortcut to clarity in life. So, if you meet me, be ready for good vibes that will make your Wi-fi signal jealous.”

  • Dhwani Rajan


    "I'm a mental health professional, with a passion to unravel the workings of the human mind. Off-duty, I'm usually found devouring fantasy fiction.”

  • Shashikanth Srinath


    "I am a Software Engineer by profession and Entrepreneur by heart. When not working on my passion, I love talking to friends, family time and playing basketball”

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