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Wellbeing Planner

Wellbeing Planner

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Embrace Your Path to Wellbeing: The Mot Mot Mind Wellbeing Planner in Vibrant Orange

Welcome to the Mot Mot Mind Wellbeing Planner in the vibrant hue of orange, where every page is an invitation to script your personal odyssey toward wellbeing.

Are you ready to take charge of your wellbeing journey? Life often tugs us in a thousand directions, and it's easy to lose sight of our own path. That's where our planner steps in, as your ally, confidant, and guiding light.

Imagine the days when you'll wake up, not just to routine but to the thrill of purpose. This planner is more than just pages; it's a pocket of positivity. It's your personal invitation to rediscover your strengths, chart your aspirations, and celebrate your achievements.

Unpack the box, and you'll discover more than just a planner:

  • Paper Bookmark: A little keepsake for your thoughts.
  • Feeling Wheel: A guide to a deeper understanding of yourself.
  • Thoughtful Packaging: We've chosen sustainability because your wellbeing is intertwined with the world around you.

Now, let's dive into what sets this planner apart:

  • Dimensions (A5): Compact and easily portable, these planners complement your dynamic lifestyle.
  • Paper Quality (100gsm): Smooth, premium paper invites you to put your thoughts into action.
  • Package Weight (including box): 380gms
  • Planner Weight (each): 330gms
  • Premium PU Covers: Vibrant Orange, symbolizing energy, optimism, and zest for life.
  • Dove-Colored Paper: Smooth and inviting, perfect for your reflections, dreams, and plans.
  • Back Pockets: A sanctuary for your keepsakes, holding your memories and inspirations.
  • Three Fabric Bookmarks: Your navigational tools to stay organized and focused, helping you traverse your path with clarity.
  • 100-day journey: This undated planner is designed to last you for 100 days or approx. 3 months.

Every page is a fresh canvas, every entry a new chapter. The journey starts with a single step. What could be more rewarding than investing in yourself and your wellbeing?

Seize the Day and Start Your Journey to Wellbeing Now!

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