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Wellbeing Planners

Wellbeing Planners

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A Year of Timeless Well-Being: Mot Mot Mind Well-Being Planner Quartet in Classic Black"

Embark on a year-long well-being journey with our Quartet of Classic Black Planners—a testament to timeless simplicity, elegance, and transformation. At Mot Mot Mind, we're dedicated to making well-being an integral part of your everyday life. This Quartet, designed to last an entire year, is your guide to resilience, fulfillment, and lasting change.

With the understated charm of Classic Black, each day becomes a canvas for self-discovery and growth. Here's what awaits you inside this Quartet:

  • Reusable Paper Bookmark: Keeping your place in this year-long expedition.
  • Feeling Wheel: Your allies on the path to mindfulness and emotional awareness.
  • Sustainable & Elegant Packaging: Reflecting our commitment to a healthier planet.

Now, let's delve into the essence of this remarkable Quartet:

  • Dimensions (A5): Compact and adaptable, these planners fit seamlessly into your dynamic life.
  • Paper Quality (100gsm): Luxurious paper that welcomes your thoughts, dreams, and intentions.
  • Package Weight (including box): 380gms
  • Planner Weight (each): 330gms
  • Premium PU Covers: Exuding elegance and simplicity, these planners ignite your creativity.
  • Dove-Colored Paper: A tranquil backdrop for your daily plans and reflections, inviting your pen to flow.
  • Back Pockets: Safeguard your inspirations and keepsakes.
  • Three Fabric Bookmarks (per Planner): Your dedicated well-being journey companions.
  • Duration (per Planner): Each planner spans 100 days, offering a quarter of well-being mastery.
  • Four Classic Black Planners: This Quartet brings you a year's supply of well-being excellence.

Embrace the timeless beauty and profound simplicity of Classic Black as you weave well-being into your daily existence. With the Mot Mot Mind Well-Being Planner Quartet, you're not just planning; you're thriving. Join us on the path to a happier, healthier, and more resilient you.

Elevate Your Well-Being with the Mot Mot Mind Well-Being Planner Quartet in Classic Black. Secure Your Quartet Today, and Begin a Year of Timeless Transformation!

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